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Only 5 Ads Available For Each Size  (15 total)

Banner Ads DISPLAY Rates

Gross Rate Per Year

728 px X 90 px  Ad - Top of Page *

$  1,800.00 / yr

300 px X 250 px  Ad - "In Webpage Body" *

 1,200.00 / yr

* Each ad runs on CCAG web pages for 12 months and is hyperlinked to your website.  


230 px X 90 px  Ads - Next to Top Banner Ad **

720.00 / yr0

** All ads displayed randomly, rotated on 5 pages for 12 months. Each ad is hyperlinked to your website or email address if you do not have a website.  

Banner Ad Production Rates

One-time Rate

720 px X 90 px Ad   $  155.000
150 px X 86 px Ad 100.000

Special Animated Ad (animated gif or flash)

(additional to production rates above)



Terms:  Due and payable in full at time of order.

Checks should be made payable and mailed to:


Community Corrections Association of Georgia

1633 White Oak Cove

Loganville, GA 30052


Additional web pages may be constructed for CCAG. Ad rates above are for 5 existing web pages as noted in menu above, effective 9/1/2014. Banner ads may be available on additional pages at an additional charge and will be offered to existing advertisers for first refusal.


To advertise on this CCAG website, or for more information,

please contact Rusty Molton at RedFire Media: 

706-951-4608 | Email

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P.O. BOX 1088  |  AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 30903  |  706-951-4608





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